Model in the Pines

Besides her gift for photography as an art, Dana has a way of putting her subjects at ease. She makes you feel completely comfortable and relaxed so that your personality is able to shine through – which she then captures beautifully. Whether you are taking candid shots or going for a more posed look, the result with Dana is always strikingly natural, intimate, full of warmth and vibrancy. She has an eye that makes for a combination of unique and touching, the type of photograph that makes you pause for a moment just to soak it in. I’ve come back to her for multiple photos shoots, ranging from personal and family photos to marketing/advertising and business shots – her work has been impeccable across the board, no matter the style or focus. Thank you so much Dana, anyone who chooses you is blessed to have such a dedicated, passionate, and talented photographer capturing their special moments.

-Jade Alexandra