Heather’s Unwedding Photoshoot

Heather is an amazing, beautiful woman who was supposed to be getting married in April of this year. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be the case as her and her fiance found themselves unable to reconcile a misstep.  I was so sorry to hear about this when she contacted me to cancel our wedding contract. I too was going through a similar situation with my ex-fiance and we connected over our grief.

20180430-TEP_0775 copy

A big difference between me and Heather was how we were handling our situation and grief. I felt shut down, unmotivated, and unable to be excited about even what I loved to do. Heather took her situation and decided it was going to make her stronger. She bought new clothes, changed her beauty regiment, and dove in. She decided she wanted to still meet me the week of her now-canceled wedding for an un-wedding photoshoot to celebrate her independence.

20180430-TEP_0755 copy

Heather chose to meet my assistant Mary and I at Rollins College in Winter Park. Rollins was a great location for this shoot. It has great buildings with a lot of personality, gardens that are always blooming, and wonderful waterfront areas.

20180430-TEP_0727 copy

Heather is a strong and independent woman. She is fashionable, brilliant, and a businesswoman. While we were having fun letting her dance to her own tune she wanted to also get a few updated headshots and professional photos for her business.

20180430-TEP_0680 copy

DSC_3704 copy

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Tampa Bay Sky Scraper Wedding


Under the Oaks


Venue: October Oaks Farms

Mission Inn Sunset Ceremony

Angelene and Raymond chose the beautiful Mission Inn to share their long-awaited vows. Getting ready was a time full of happy emotions, Angelene and Raymon have been together for nearly a decade and it was finally time to put it in writing.


Mission Inn is such a beautiful venue with vast scenery that allows for a wide range of differently styled weddings. Angelene and Raymond had a very romantic courtyard ceremony as the sun was beginning to set.


Their reception was full of loved ones with happy memories. Most of their guests came from out of state to join them on this big day. They had a live band sing and play at the reception which is always a blast. DSC_7344DSC_7483


Venue: Mission Inn Resort


Ocala Backyard Wedding

I met Desire and Gina for the first time at a Panera Bread with the intentions of chatting for about thirty minutes to discuss wedding packages and then going on our way. That was not how the meeting unfolded, we were there for a couple of hours! We had so much fun just chatting like old friends about all sorts of subjects. We all knew then, that this was the perfect fit.


Desire had to fight to get me to agree to meet even. Before we had a chance to meet I had another couple swoop in and book their date. Desire knew though, that we needed to give each other a chance. After much discussion, my other couple was happy to allow my associate to join their event while I attended Desire and Gina’s meeting. It really was one of those stars aligning moments!


I loved running back and forth between these two beautiful ladies’ rooms while they were getting ready. Everything about this wedding was handmade, designed, and family oriented.


We decided to do a first look with each of their mothers. Tissues in hand we tried to prepare for the emotional outpouring of love that was about to unfold. Everyone was crying, I was crying, they were crying, onlookers who didn’t know what they were walking into were crying!


It was a perfect day for this beautiful backyard wedding. Overcast, breezy and the perfect temperature! check out the cloud filled blue skies!


The look on Gina’s face as she saw her amazing bride walking down the aisle said it all. These two were so ready to be married, they were both so excited and fearless.


The ceremony was amazing, they read each other their handwritten vows, were bound by the things they love, and then jumped the broom. The broom was lovingly handmade by a close friend.



After some portraits and fun. We headed to the reception under a big beautiful white tent in the front yard. Dancing, eating, and sparklers to follow, this was a fun night.


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