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Danielle and Coty met by chance and hit it off right away. Danielle thinks there isn’t anything romantic about that but we all know there was plenty of romance going on between them! Now Coty is a bit quiet, but Danielle is good at making him smile, then there is little Payton! This little girl is the cutest little firecracker.


While this was intended to be an engagement session, Payton had other plans. This little one can cruise a mile a minute and we spent the majority of this session just trying to keep up.


Now Payton didn’t make it easy to catch all smiles and giggles. She knows what that cheesy grin is worth, she made us work for it! We had to hope for a few interesting bugs along our walk to distract her for a few mom and dad photos, but even that did not always work.


Even with a few shed tears, we were right back at it exploring Lake Mills Park in Chuluota Fl. Coty and Danielle did wonderfully at entertaining their little one while still listening to me pestering them to turn their shoulders or look at me.


It was a beautiful day out, one of the first decent temps in the low 80s we have had this year. So we stayed out as long as Payton would let us, taking breaks to play and get those cheesy grins.


As I’ve said before and stands true here, I’m a firm believer in letting the kids be a part of the engagement celebration. They enjoy seeing all of the love and happiness just as much as us adults. Congratulations Danielle and Coty! I cannot wait for your wedding on November 11th at the Country Lane Barn in Christmas Fl.

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Clint, Heather, and Caden, an adorable family engagement.

Heather told me a story while we were shooting her engagement photos that I just have to mention. She told me about Caden, Clint’s six year old son, who knew before Heather and Clint that she would be a part of their lives. I couldn’t begin to share her story in a light that would even touch the sheer love that this family has grown from.

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Our original plan for this shoot was to shoot a sunset session at Liberty Park in Lake Mary. This is a special location for Clint and Heather. They spent many dates walking the park getting to know each other. Clint and Heather wanted to include Caden in their engagement session, I thought this was a wonderful idea. Unfortunately the day of the session Caden came down with a fever.

Family, love, boy, blended family

You couldn’t tell here that this little man wasn’t feeling good. He was such a great trooper and insisted in sharing this time with his two favorite people.

Family, park, love, engagement, black and white

We only had about fifteen minutes of shooting before the weather turned and we were forced to call it quits. Even so, I think this family did a wonderful job showing off their love for one another.


We decided to reschedule for a time with just Heather and Clint to allow for some more romantic options. They decided to finish their engagement session at their home where Clint proposed to Heather.

rustic, romantic, engagement

Clint built this pergola by hand to propose to Heather under. He is quite the craftsman. We couldn’t have had a more perfect setting for another round of photos in a beautiful and deeply sentimental location.

rustic, rural, chic

Clint and Heather share a cute quirk. They both sit on the opposite ends of the height scale. Heather came up with a cute idea to embrace their differences.

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This sweet family will be sharing their vows under the twinkling holiday lights at the Donnelley Building Pad & Deck in Mt Dora in the first week of 2018.


The Future Boho Bride

I knew when I spoke with Heather to schedule this session, that it would be a fun afternoon. We met at one of our favorite parks in Lake Mary a couple of hours before sunset hoping to get the perfect light. We lucked out! The weather was a little hot, but the light was absolutely perfect!


Her future husband, Juan, made it easy to get the couple smiling and laughing all afternoon. They really are a match made in heaven. Heather thought their photo session out and did a wonderful job planning for the unexpected.

Longwood Florida, pre wedding, couple

She brought along some adorable signs and props along with a few outfits to change into.


We really lucked out with the beautiful weather. The perfect light combined with Heather’s fashion sense provided ample opportunity to capture these dreamy photos.


Heather and Juan plan on having a boho style wedding in the Ocala Forest next year. After getting to know these two a little better, I have to say that sounds like the perfect plan. We look forward to hearing more about the plans for their big day. Stay tuned for more of these two smiling faces.


The Grovers Say I Do

Brenda and John are such a cute couple. This wedding was a long-awaited celebration full of quirky jokes and goofing off. Brenda and John have been together for quite some time, in fact, they had originally planned to get married a year ago. As we all know it happens sometimes, life took them another direction and the wedding had to wait.


Having waited so long to finally say “I do”, Brenda was full of joyous tears as she walked down to her awaiting man in front of a congregation of her closest friends and family. They tied the knot in Kissimmee Fl at a cute little lake front resort. DSC_0597ecwDSC_0546ecw

I was sure we were going to see cake go flying during their cake cutting ceremony. They shared a beautiful and delicious strawberry cream cheese cake and a double chocolate groom’s cake with their guests.


As the celebration went on into the evening, we enjoyed the show as they shared their first dance and John got a little naughty trying to get her garter. It was a great night full of love and joyful tears, lots of hugging and I love yous. DSC_0910ecw

I’m so glad I was able to be a part of Brenda and John’s big day. I can truly say I made some friends with this couple and look forward to celebrating their future anniversaries. Congratulations Grover family!

Karla and Chris say “I do”

Karla and Chris are near and dear to my heart. They are close friends of mine who I’ve had the pleasure to document their engagement and wedding.

pines, florida, couple, love

Being outdoors lovers, they chose to keep everything outside. Karla did a wonderful job planning and designing her own decor and props.

wide angle, pre wedding, pine forest

Karla and Chris coming together means more than two people becoming one. They are two families coming together to make one big happy home.

engaged, pre wedding

Their wedding took place in a Sanford Florida park. Karla and Chris did a wonderful job making their wedding about everyone. They provided a huge spread of southern comfort food, a bounce house for the kids, games, and of course delicious sweets!

Just Married, I do, wedding day

getting ready for the wedding, flower girl    Merging family

Congratulations to this big happy family and wonderful couple!

Combined Family, Big Family, wedding day

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