Blackwater Events and More

What an amazing new venue! I have had the privilege to photograph a few events here and was so moved by it that I felt it needed it’s own blog! Blackwater got started after Sophie and John got married there in December of 2017. John’s parents own the property and the wedding went so well that everyone was asking to get to use it too. Thus Blackwater Events and More was born.


This family-run venue is about as carefree as you can get. You may bring any vendor you choose in and build your wedding from scratch. If you’d rather sit back and trust the pros, Sophie will design your big day with you. You will not be disappointed with her plans either! I have never seen such beautiful decorations and styling like Sophie’s.


This venue is set back in the woods of Eustis, Fl down long winding roads surrounded by beautiful views. This is natural Florida at it’s best! This property is adorned with oak canopies, open fields, and palm patches for acres. It is full of friendly wildlife that has grown used to the commotion and seems to invite itself to the party.


Sunsets are usually my go to “oh so pretty!” moment, but not here. Yes, the sunsets are amazing, don’t get me wrong.. but the light here is just amazing all day long! Your photographer (pick me! pick me!) will love you for choosing this venue. I couldn’t get enough of this place on my first visit, and still, I struggle to leave when it is time to go every time!


They are pet-friendly, offer endless options for the creative mind, and are set in the magical wonderland of natural Florida, what more could you want! If you would like to take a look at this venue or have any questions please reach out to Sophie on WeddingWire or Facebook.

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The Great Gatsby Surprise Wedding

I’ve heard of these secret awesome Gatsby parties.. but didn’t know anyone who has ever really been to one. For all I knew, they were completely made up! Until I met these two… This couple is unlike anyone I’ve ever met, they are so hip, and cultured. They love planning big parties and collecting items from the Gatsby era.  20180622-TEP_0187-2

They took dance lessons and learned that Tango, sought out authentic clothing and items, and even have two cars that fit the era!

20180622-TEP_1662 copy

So this is all pretty cool already right? Well, it gets better.. These two decided they would not actually tell anyone they were engaged! So this was just a big party they were hosting according to the invitation. It was so hard tiptoeing around trying to not give it away while everyone was getting ready!


Most of the family got ready at their home in Longwood Florida, even those who didn’t know it was going to be a wedding! Everyone’s outfits were amazing, and the stories behind finding some of the authentic jewelry and headbands were very intriguing.


They chose the Mason and Jarden venue in Altamonte for this grand event, and honestly, I don’t think they could have chosen a more fitting location. The venue is a grand building full of large gold moldings, mirrors, and accents.


For the first few hours of the party, it was all boas, beads, pinstripes, and a live band! People chachaing and swing dancing, sipping on fancy era drinks and playing up the era. But no one but a very small few of those needed knew about the big plan.


Our beautiful bride and handsome groom snuck away to get ready with a special outfit. Then it was time.. She grabbed her giant feather fan and he grabbed his top hat and cane. It was time to Tango into their wedding ceremony!


20180622-DSC_9426 copy20180622-TEP_9480 copy

They danced up to a microphone and there it happened, everyone was blown away! Oh by the way everyone… did you know this was a wedding?!?! Oh and the dessert table! Check out these amazing cupcakes!



Engagement Sessions at Mead

Here is a peek inside of a few engagement sessions at Mead Botanical Gardens from 2018. Mead is a beautiful and diverse park located in Winter Park Fl not far from Rollins College. They offer free admission to their large property including a rose garden, botanical garden, large oak canopies, picnic tables and walking paths. Mead also offers wedding services. Click on the link above to find out more about this awesome park.

McKenzie and Duncan-


McKenzie and Duncan are getting married at Bridlewood Ranch in Clermont Fl in September this year. Keep an eye out for their wedding photo highlights on facebook here!


Ashton and Austin-


Ashton and Austin will be tieing the knot at Bridlewood Ranch in Clermont Fl in November of this year. Keep an eye out for their highlights after the wedding!


Stephanie and Josh with Chewie-


Stephanie and Josh will be tieing the knot at Bridlewood Ranch May of 2019. I don’t think Chewie will get to join them on their wedding day, but he did a great job at being a part of their engagement session! Mead is one of the few locations that happily accept dogs.




Heather’s Unwedding Photoshoot

Heather is an amazing, beautiful woman who was supposed to be getting married in April of this year. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be the case as her and her fiance found themselves unable to reconcile a misstep.  I was so sorry to hear about this when she contacted me to cancel our wedding contract. I too was going through a similar situation with my ex-fiance and we connected over our grief.

20180430-TEP_0775 copy

A big difference between me and Heather was how we were handling our situation and grief. I felt shut down, unmotivated, and unable to be excited about even what I loved to do. Heather took her situation and decided it was going to make her stronger. She bought new clothes, changed her beauty regiment, and dove in. She decided she wanted to still meet me the week of her now-canceled wedding for an un-wedding photoshoot to celebrate her independence.

20180430-TEP_0755 copy

Heather chose to meet my assistant Mary and I at Rollins College in Winter Park. Rollins was a great location for this shoot. It has great buildings with a lot of personality, gardens that are always blooming, and wonderful waterfront areas.

20180430-TEP_0727 copy

Heather is a strong and independent woman. She is fashionable, brilliant, and a businesswoman. While we were having fun letting her dance to her own tune she wanted to also get a few updated headshots and professional photos for her business.

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