Hi there!

My name is Dana, I own and operate DR Photography LLC. First, let me say how grateful I 20180622-DSC_7646am to each and every one of you for considering me and trusting me with your special days. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing in all of the amazing times and memories made with you. My passion for photography only grows more as I meet more couples and see the joy I bring with your captured memories.


First a little background

Alright, this is supposed to be about me. I’m honestly not very good at talking about myself, so this section has been put aside a few times. So let’s start at the beginning. When I was young, I found an old Minolta 35mm camera that my dad had put away. After some pestering, I was given some film and unleashed to the world to document every little thing. I was so trigger happy that I had to be put on a budget for the film! As I grew up, the cameras got upgraded, and I started attending classes for photography.

After school, I began working as a photographer for a portrait studio. I spent several years there, learning about lighting, editing, and the business. I also took on several contracts for photography, covering everything from models and products to cars and racing events.

My Family is My Support Team

With out my family, there would be no DRP. They are my technical team, assistant crew, proof readers, and inspiration. Amber is my little’n who is an aspiring photographer, pianist, and mathematician. She loves coming along with me on smaller shoots and engagement sessions. DSC_1991ecw2

Her little side kick is a quirky little Corgi named Chevy. He isn’t your typical Corgi, he’s a little too small, a little too tall, and has the agility of a jack rabbit. He is a truly special little man and our inspiration. He started #ThePhotoCorgi by being a total ham and loves when he sees the camera come out, he knows it means lots of treats and cuddles.


Why I Chose Wedding and Event Photography

While I’ve photographed many different subjects over the years, nothing has brought me the satisfaction like photographing weddings and couples in love. Emotion is a huge entity in a great photograph. Creating that image that brings tears to your eyes when you see it, that is why I love this job so much. Weddings are full of emotions, happy, bittersweet, funny, and everyone is having a great time. There is no better place to photograph your favorite subject when that subject is emotion. When I handed my first bride her photographs I was not prepared for either of our responses. She cried, I cried, we all cried! She loved them, I loved them and the gratification of seeing how much she loved them was the best feeling ever. I love being a wedding photographer!