Bridlewood Ranch Rustic Wedding

Nina and Josh got married at one of my favorite¬†venues. If you’ve been following my blog I’m sure you’ll know where I’m talking about! That’s right, BWR..¬†Can’t get away from there and I’m honestly not trying! They have a great venue that I love working at. I refer them to all of my brides who haven’t booked their venue yet and if you haven’t booked, I suggest you go talk to them!


These guys were a blast to be around. Nina and Josh are both easy going and big-hearted making them a blast to work with. Their engagement photos were shot at their home just down the road from BWR.


They decided they didn’t want to see each other before the big “I do” so instead we did the first touch. They passed each other notes and held hands while both fought back tears.


It was a bit of a warm day. In Florida, even late September can be in the 80s. That didn’t slow this crew down, they partied hard and enjoyed the breeze when it hit.


Nina and Josh got married under the big oak down by the lake. It was a bright and clear day with the smell of flower blooms in the air.


Nina’s gorgeous floral arrangements were by the one and only Southern Style Floral Design Co.


I can’t say I expected the enthusiasm from everyone around when these two finally kissed.


But they all celebrated, standing to cheer and blowing bubbles as everyone ran down the aisle.


Nothing was really posed for these guys! They were just having too much fun to stop it for a few photos. Instead, they played on the swing and goofed off while I snapped. I love being able to step back and document rather than pose.


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