Gulfport Beach Wedding

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This was such a beautiful wedding. Christy and Chuck have been longtime partners, and they knew it was time to finally make it official. This gorgeous couple wanted a casual yet fun wedding to celebrate their love.

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Christy and Chuck booked beach homes near the venue just down the road from each other to get ready. I always love seeing the cute places people find to get ready in.

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Christy is a gorgeous bride and mother. Her dress was the prettiest hue with just a touch of blush coloring.

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This was a shoeless wedding for the ladies, with different hues of blue dresses and bright orange and yellow bouquets they made themselves.

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Chuck is a good sport! He put up with all of my silly requests for funny poses with a smile on his face.

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It didn’t rain on their parade exactly but it threatened with dark ominous storm clouds hanging over the ceremony site all the way up until the start. It stayed just on the horizon with only little bits of drizzle. So to celebrate the little drizzle at the perfect times we did an umbrella shot. It’s good luck for rain on your wedding day.

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We snuck Christy and Chuck out to the beach right at sunset to capture these beautiful images with strobe lighting. This type of shot is not always available if the conditions aren’t just right.

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