Florida Marsh Engagement

One awesome thing about Florida is the diversity of landscapes. If one is so inclined, they could find themselves deep among moss-covered oaks with branches seeming to span for miles. Besides the obvious deep blue beaches that surround us, we have lily pad carpeted marshes surrounded by cypress trees and winding mangrove mazes through hundreds of miles of flats. The challenge is to pull yourself away from the obvious locations and seek out these Florida secrets.

Courtney and Kyle did just that. They knew exactly what they wanted and I was more than happy to go along with the plan. Courtney found the Emerald Marsh Conservation Area then Kyle went to investigate and decide if it’ll fit what they were looking for. I think they couldn’t have picked a better location, it was perfect!

This was really a fun session! We started out down on a pier overlooking the marsh under an overcast sky that at first concerned us. As usual, I only gave a little direction as to what I wanted them to do and allowed them to work through the poses naturally by being themselves. This isn’t always the best approach, depending on the couple, but Courtney and Kyle did great. They spent most of the session laughing and being goofy which allowed for those great shots that say “we are in love and having fun”. There were a few moments of concern when we thought someone might be going swimming..


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