Tammy and Sam become Mr. and Mrs.


There is so much fun to be had when two families become one. Tammy and Sam couldn’t wait for this day to finally come. They chose to share in their celebration at the Orange County Sportsman’s Club on October 14th.


I spent the early afternoon hanging out with Tammy and the girls while everyone was getting ready. Some of us enjoy getting our hair done more than others.


There were so many women in and out of that little dressing room helping each other get ready. Everyone was so excited and happy, I couldn’t help but get caught up in their antics a few times.


I won’t even try to explain the conversation being had during this photo!


While Tammy was finishing up with getting ready. Her mother put the finishing touches on this beautiful cake. She lined the satin white tiered cake with live flowers matching Tammy’s bouquet.



Tammy was ready to go and wanted to see if everyone had found their seats.

DSC_0145 copy

This gorgeous ceremony went perfectly and in the most beautiful light. Sam and Tammy are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Bean!


Our time for “formal” portraits were spent laughing and playing around in the sun. But honestly, these are the types of photos I prefer, laughing.. and threatening.. with the kids.


I chose to shoot a series with the plan to merge the series together for a big group shot. But when I came across this center shot of the series I loved it more than the full image. Technically, everyone is in it, but the “squished” effect of just this one along fits this family so much better. They are so close and happy to be around each other.


The celebration continued into the night with dancing, eating, toasts and cake cutting. These two really surprised me with their refined cake cutting skills, no cake faces to be found at this wedding!


This was a great wedding to attend. I am so glad Tammy and Sam chose us to join them and document their special day.


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