The Gibbins say “I do”

I don’t usually wait until the day of their wedding to meet my couples. However, that was the case with Devin and Shane. Lucky for us we all clicked right away. Shane was my main point of contact and did so well with helping me understand exactly what they wanted in their photography. One thing he was sure about was a “first look” session at Ormond Beach.

Bride on the Beach

Devin, Shane and I decided to start our photography journey together on the beach just over the Granada Bridge. We had Shane arrive early and wait for Devin and I at the top of the deck.

Ormond Beach Wedding

It was a lot of fun watching Shane get excited knowing Devin was right behind him. She whispered to him and cuddled, even gave him a kiss before he got to look. As you can see he can hardly contain himself!

He Still Can't Look

We made this session quick as the wind was strong and it was getting hot. When it was finally time for Shane to see his bride we were not disappointed in his reaction.First Look Ormond Beach

This was only the beginning of our journey through their wedding day. Becuase of Hurricane Irma, there was no beach parking, so we had to park across the street. This made for an interesting experience walking back to the car. Everyone was so excited to see this couple walking down the street. Passers-by beeped their horns and yelled their congratulations as they drove by.

Ormond Beach First Look Session

After a short drive over the Granada Bridge, we arrived at their venue, the Anderson Price Memorial Building. I had some time with Devin while Shane helped get the venue ready, so we took the opportunity to get some beautiful photos of our beautiful bride.

Anderson Price Memorial Building Wedding

Devin and Shane decided to wear Vans on their big day. I thought this was a pretty cute idea, they even included their oldest daughter by getting her adorable flower vans.

Wedding Vans

When Shane got finished up prepping the venue he joined us in the Bailey Riverbridge Garden next to the venue for a few more photos. It was the height of the afternoon so we played the harsh light to our advantage.

Bailey River Gardens

After a few more fun photos with just the two of them, we had their two little girls join us for some family photos. These two were not easy to wrangle, but they were both adorable and hammed it up once you got them both in one spot.

This is when the day started rolling and there was no turning back. Next came the ceremony. Devin took a ride in Shane’s red Dodge Charger up to the aisle. It was pretty fun watching her and Shane figure out how to get all that dress in the passenger seat.

Dodge Chariot

After arriving in her big red chariot, Devin took her walk down the aisle with her oldest daughter as flower girl. Devin and Shane say their “I do’s” in front of the river just across from the venue.

I do

The fun doesn’t end here. We move inside to celebrate the newly weds with dancing, cake, and hilarious speeches.

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As the day wrapped up I was able to sneak them out to the front room of the venue. This room was such a pretty and unique room, accurate to the era the building was built, complete with creepy “eyes follow you” portrait hanging on the wall.


When they decided it was time for their grand exit we sent everyone outside with their favors and bubbles. They had the Charger pulled to the front and it was time for the bubbles, clapping, and surprise dip!

The Big Dip

As they drove away we decided to leave the newlyweds one last gift. A group shot of their loved ones bidding them farewell.


Thank you, Devin and Shane, for inviting us to join you on your special day. Congratulations!DSC_8625b

The Gibbins est 9/23/2017

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  1. Love seeing the pictures! Can see the love between the couple and the fun that was had on their special day. Thanks for sharing. Cant wait to have DR capture our wedding.

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