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Danielle and Coty met by chance and hit it off right away. Danielle thinks there isn’t anything romantic about that but we all know there was plenty of romance going on between them! Now Coty is a bit quiet, but Danielle is good at making him smile, then there is little Payton! This little girl is the cutest little firecracker.


While this was intended to be an engagement session, Payton had other plans. This little one can cruise a mile a minute and we spent the majority of this session just trying to keep up.


Now Payton didn’t make it easy to catch all smiles and giggles. She knows what that cheesy grin is worth, she made us work for it! We had to hope for a few interesting bugs along our walk to distract her for a few mom and dad photos, but even that did not always work.


Even with a few shed tears, we were right back at it exploring Lake Mills Park in Chuluota Fl. Coty and Danielle did wonderfully at entertaining their little one while still listening to me pestering them to turn their shoulders or look at me.


It was a beautiful day out, one of the first decent temps in the low 80s we have had this year. So we stayed out as long as Payton would let us, taking breaks to play and get those cheesy grins.


As I’ve said before and stands true here, I’m a firm believer in letting the kids be a part of the engagement celebration. They enjoy seeing all of the love and happiness just as much as us adults. Congratulations Danielle and Coty! I cannot wait for your wedding on November 11th at the Country Lane Barn in Christmas Fl.

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